Okay, so maybe there aren’t any snake pits or rolling boulders but Geocaching—a GPS stash hunting activity—isn’t your average game of hide and seek, either. Set your crew up for “missions” including on-site word games and coordinates needing to be decrypted, all in hopes of finding tiny treasures at the end. From bat caves to fun historical and scientific facts, don your leather hat à la Indiana Jones and discover the most engaging, all-natural geocache spots below.

The Rock that Rolls – Austin, Tx

A cache that will take you all over Austin—this is the world’s first ROVING geocache! That means searchers will have to read the comments to find the latest coordinates in order to find the hidden treasure. After it is found, they’ll be able to carry it around to find the next hidden location. Parks, city squares, swimming holes—it could be anywhere!

Online: geocaching.com

photo: Lars Plougmann via flickr

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