It might seem kind of crazy that in 2019, model, mom and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen doesn’t have a website, when it seems like so many other celebs do. But you can Google it for yourself: there’s no—for now, at least. According to Teigen herself though, that’s about to change. Not only that—she needs our help to make it awesome!

“I am finally going to have a WEBSITE on the INTERNETS!” Teigen announced on Twitter Wednesday.

Not only is Teigen finally getting a website, we also know she’s opening it up to her community of fans, specifically when it comes to our all of our tasty recipes. “I want to fill it with recipes upon your arrival,” she tweeted. Teigen encouraged her fans to reply to her tweet with their suggestions.

Fans are DEFINITELY excited about this big news. One Twitter user basically articulated something I think pretty much every busy mom can relate to—the infamous “What’s for dinner?” game and more specifically, how Teigen could save our day:

Some totally playfully chided Teigen for “getting with the times,” as it were:

Others are just wrapped up in the pure excitement of it all:

And another def threw some major shade at Gwyneth Paltrow’s (in)famous website, GOOP:

What her website looks like, what the actual web address is—all of that remains to be seen. Teigen has quite the Instagram and Twitter following, so having a website—filled with fan-suggested recipes—gives us all one more awesome way to follow along her culinary and mom journeys. We can’t wait for the big reveal.

—Keiko Zoll

Featured photo: Courtesy of Amazon



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