From the mom you see toting her four kids around town on wheels to new trails and bike lanes popping around the country, it’s clear that biking is not just a mode of transportation for families, but a way of life. In honor of National Biking Month, we took a look around, and found cool parents who make the daily trek on their wheels in sunshine, rain, and yes, even snow. Flip through the album below for 10 inspiring, adventurous and fun stories.

Ryan Zagata – Brooklyn, Ny

While Ryan and his bike were inseparable during his childhood, he didn’t really start riding again until he moved to Williamsburg from Manhattan in 2007. He has spent many a day riding solo discovering the neighborhood; and now, he and his family have a Sunday morning bike routine: riding to a different Brooklyn neighborhood, popping into a café for coffee and pastries, and then venturing to a local park to let the kids unwind. He’s a firm believer in travel by bike; and always makes sure the seat or trailer is comfy, helmets are well padded, and that he’s cool with the extra cargo before hitting the road. Ryan is also a biking entrepreneur: his company, Brooklyn Bicycle Co., builds bikes for vivid lives: taking adventures, discovering new neighbors, and exploring hidden gems.

Coolest biking experience? Riding the trail system in Cape Cod, and down beach roads in the Outer Banks with the kids.

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photo: courtesy Ryan Zagata

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—Gabby Cullen

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