From the mom you see toting her four kids around town on wheels to new trails and bike lanes popping around the country, it’s clear that biking is not just a mode of transportation for families, but a way of life. In honor of National Biking Month, we took a look around, and found cool parents who make the daily trek on their wheels in sunshine, rain, and yes, even snow. Flip through the album below for 10 inspiring, adventurous and fun stories.

Todd Roll – Portland, Or

Todd Roll knows his way around the streets of Portland. From the grassy parks filled with ultra-hip young people to the sea of parents bike-commuting to school, he and his daughter Serenne have covered many a mile researching his book, Pedal Portland: 25 Easy Rides For Exploring The City By Bike. The lifelong avid biker (paper route at 14, touring Europe by bike, biking to work in San Diego) is now the owner of Pedal Bike Tours (with locations in Portland, Or and Waikiki, Ha), a bike tour and rental business that’s all about authentic and memorable experiences of local culture for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Serenne is following closely behind her father’s wheels. Her first bike ride was in the back of a bike trailer as an infant, safely strapped into a baby car seat. The contraption was so cozy, it became her prefered mode of transport!

Coolest biking experience? Biking with his daughter right into the center of the Hawaii State Capitol building (disclaimer: it’s open air and totally bike-friendly!).

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photo: courtesy Todd Roll

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—Gabby Cullen

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