Namaste Your Way to a Hoppin’ Spring

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We are officially in the midst of bunny-everything season. Floppy-eared little creatures are plastered everywhere you look. Chances are, a set of rabbit ears have found a perch on top of your tot’s head. But what if your wee ones could hop around with the real deal? Better yet, what if they could bend, twist and stretch their way through a critter-filled yoga class? Yes, bunny yoga is a real thing (and it’s not just for Easter)!

Get in Formation
Classes are held every Thursday at 11:15 a.m. at the Leesburg Animal Park. A certified-yoga instructor (who is also one of the  park’s zoo keepers!) leads children and their parents through a series of classic poses, including tree, downward dog and bridge.There are also some more unconventional–yet animal park appropriate–poses, like “snake” where kids are encouraged to slither like a snake and “cat” where kiddos stretch like a feline while they meow.

Call of the Wild 
While class is in session, lettuce leaves are placed strategically near yoga mats to encourage the brown and white bunnies to roam freely around participants. The Park’s cottontails aren’t the only animal guests: occasionally, other animals—like the brand new baby goats—join in on the fun, too!

Animal Planet
These classes are complimentary with the price of admission. After class, enjoy all that the park has to offer, like pony and camel rides, live educational animal shows and a 3-story, indoor play structure.

Cost: $12.95/adults; $9.95/kids 2-12; free/kids under 2
19270 James Monroe Hwy. (Leesburg, Va)

–Meghan Meyers
–Photos by Sara Sylvia, Serendipity Photography