Your enthusiasm at the farmers market got the best of you and you’ve returned home with heaps of peaches, tomatoes and zucchini that were just too good to pass up. Easily transform your seasonal haul to kid-friendly eats with these ideas from some of our favorite food bloggers. They dished to us about their choice farmers market finds and seasonal recipe picks. Flip through the photo gallery and get cooking.

Sophia DeSantis – Veggies Don’t Bite

Produce Pick: Eggplant

If there's one thing that Sophia has taught us it's that just because a dish is gluten-free, vegan and free of refined sugars doesn't mean it can't pack in flavor and taste delicious. Recently she's picked up eggplant at her local farmers market–an ingredient that she actually never liked before experimenting with it this season. Sophia tells us, "We have been finding some amazing local organic eggplant and stocking up. The most recent way I have used this great veggie is in my newest kid dish: Oven Baked Eggplant Fries. The great thing about eggplant is that when they are baked in the oven like a typical potato fry, they almost look the same, especially if you take off the skins. My boys went nuts when I tried these out and literally ate a whole eggplant worth each!"

To find out how to make oven baked eggplant fries (yes, it's gluten-free, vegan and so yum) click here. Visit to discover more of Sophia's kid-friendly recipes.

What’s your favorite farmers market find? And, do you have a great recipe that goes along with your seasonal produce pick?

– Erin Lem

all photos courtesy of each blogger

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