You know how there are New Yorkers who have never been to the top of the Empire State Building?  Don’t raise the L.A. version of that kid!  With so much to do here, and traffic being, well, LA traffic, it’s easy to miss a few “gottas.”  So, check our bucket list of the 10 things all kids growing up in Los Angeles should experience, and see what you can cross off — and where you should be heading this weekend.


Go Strawberry Picking

Sure, fruit picking is fun, but why would it make our highly selective top ten list? Well, California is the fruit and vegetable basket of the nation. California produces over 95% of the artichokes, walnuts, dates, celery, garlic, plums and kiwis sold in the US. It also produces the lions share of broccoli, carrots, strawberries… the list goes on and on! So we think that every kid that grows up here should definitely visit the fields and see just what our great state can grow. Plus, there’s nothing quite so tasty as a sun warmed berry – or as cute as watching the juices drip down your kiddo’s chin.

These are our favorite berry picking places in and around Los Angeles.
photo credit: Jason White via flickr

Can you check everything off, or do you need to get busy?  And what must-dos are we missing?  Let us know – we know you’ve got a strong opinion!

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