Join the Fitness Revolution: Rev Fitness Opens

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“I can’t. I have kids.” Awesome excuses, courtesy of kids #1: They get us out of exercising. Brilliant! Who can make it to morning Rooftop Yoga when there are toddlers to look after? You can, thanks to Lana Titus and the mom-minded wellness wonders behind Rev Fitness. No excuses, they’ve got the kids (and your soon to be super-fit body) well in hand.  Check out the new mid-city joint that gives the whole family a workout, and takes away your excuses…RevFitexterior

But My Current Gym Has Toddler Care
They also serve pizza slices inside the gas station. It’s not the same as going to Mozza. Not all situations are created equal.  Toddler care often equals crayons in the corner, 12 kids to one over worked teenage minder.  Not exactly the Rolls Royce of child care.RevFitstudio

It’s Not Kid Care. It’s Kid Zumba.
And Kid Yoga. And rock wall climbing (the kind they’re actually encouraged to climb, not the figurative stuff they do in the kitchen). Rope climbing. Rings. Hula hooping. Hula hooping tricks (Zack’s got the skills and he’s willing to share them…we tested it by sending in some hula hoop neophyte kiddos, and bona fide hula hoopers came out). There’s even an infant area for the under three crowd, with age appropriate tunnels and touch-ables. This is the place that makes the impossible, possible. Parents burn mad calories, kids climb a rock wall like the monkeys that they are, everybody exits giddy with endorphins. RevFitGoSyd

They Pick Up Where Stroller Strides Left Off
Meeting at the park, infant all strapped in, ready to stroll that newborn fog away. Those were some sweet (if not completely delusional) days. But exercising with the kids was a good habit, why’d we let that go? It’s back, baby.

Go Big or Go Ohm
The options: so many for us and for them. You’ll be a mom in a candy store, only you exit with a different high. Power Yoga Flow, Cardio Blast, Zumba, Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, it’s all there and awaits you by the hour. As for your sidekicks, their classes range from Zumba to Yoga classes, with climbing walls and ropes and rings at the ready if the class you want doesn’t overlap with a class for them. Pay by the class, the month, or the six months. Family rates available too. Moms need options, flexibility.RevFittoddlerroom

Beauty and The Beat
Soothing clay colored walls. Marble counters. Dark wood floors, there’s even a fireplace and French doors that open up above Beverly Boulevard. All immaculately kept. This place is less gym, more Upper East Side Loft.  And the bathrooms…two private marble bathrooms with individual private showers. This is not your standard gym set-up. This is not even your standard Four Seasons set-up. This is sweating at its swankiest and did we mention the kids are welcome?RevFitstudiosunlight

Leave it to Lana
Mom of three, founder of Rev Fitness. It was her light bulb moment (why leave the kids when they can workout too?) that lead to the Rev Fitness revolution. So while you’re on the treadmill, lifting weights, partner stretching and pushing your body to the max, your mind can rest easy with the satisfaction that your kids are getting their cardio on in the next room instead of being plunked in front of Dora (no disrespect). Multi-generational multi-tasking. Nailed it.RevFitSydhulahoop

Location is Everything
We couldn’t help but notice the Sweet Rose proximity. And The Grove. Carmela Ice Cream? What you do with your endorphin rush is your business. No judgment.

Let the Class be the Challenge, Not the Parking
There are a couple of tandem spots behind the building, but we wouldn’t bank on those being open. Plenty of two hour parking on Martel, and metered spaces galore on Beverly Boulevard.

Rev Fitness
7409 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323.424.7924
-Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb

Have you got a favorite spot where you can workout while you’re kids workout?  Let us know!