Top Ice Pops: 6 Local Popsicles for a Cool Summer

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Frozen, fruity and lighter than ice cream, ice pops really hit the spot on a hot, humid, NYC summer day. The trendiest spots go above and beyond the Popsicles of our youth to offer your kids (and you) and chilly, flavor explosion worth the sugar rush. Read on to discover Red Tricycle’s favorite ice pops including shops, stands and even a locally made popsicle that you can pick up while buying groceries.They’ll beat a dunk in the Hudson River (eww!) or a stir-crazy afternoon at home in the A/C any day.

<h2><a target="_blank" href="">Trop Pops</a></h2> What do you get when you combine fruit with dark couverture chocolate? Four words come to mind - totally awesome yummy goodness. Even better, it is healthy totally awesome yummy goodness. Trop Pops then freezes it and puts it on a stick for you so you can enjoy it while walking around the city. Got picky, "I don't like fruit" eaters? They'll eat anything covered in chocolate right? <strong>Where to find them:</strong> <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Trop Pops</a> are only sold on the weekend. Find them on Saturday and Sunday at Artist &amp; Fleas (70 North 7th St., Williamsburg) and on Sundays at Columbus Greene Flea Market (Columbus Ave, between 76th and 77th St. in Manhattan). <strong>What to order:</strong> Trop Pops only come in four "flavors," Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Kiwi, all dipped in couverture chocolate. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong. <strong>Cost:</strong> $4 each <strong>Good to know:</strong> Trop Pops are gluten free and dairy free. fuck

What locally made frozen summer treat do you and your kids crave? 

– Mikaela Walker & Julie Seguss