Top Ice Pops: 6 Local Popsicles for a Cool Summer

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Frozen, fruity and lighter than ice cream, ice pops really hit the spot on a hot, humid, NYC summer day. The trendiest spots go above and beyond the Popsicles of our youth to offer your kids (and you) and chilly, flavor explosion worth the sugar rush. Read on to discover Red Tricycle’s favorite ice pops including shops, stands and even a locally made popsicle that you can pick up while buying groceries.They’ll beat a dunk in the Hudson River (eww!) or a stir-crazy afternoon at home in the A/C any day.

<h2><a target="_blank" href="">La Newyorkina</a></h2> La Newyorkina’s owner and main pop chef, Fany Gerson, makes ice pops or paletas like the ones she grew up eating in Mexico. If you are used to eating supermarket ice pops made from food coloring, sugar and water, these pops will definitely be a treat. You'll feel a lot better about handing one over to your kid, too. Made with fresh produce, these pops taste just like you are eating frozen fruit on a stick. <strong>Where to find them:</strong> <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">La Newyorkina</a> has a cart on the High Line (10th Ave.) at 17th St. between May and September. After summer is over, you can purchase the pops at the <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Big Gay Ice Cream</a> (125 East 7<sup>th</sup> St. btw 1<sup>st</sup> Ave. and Ave. A or 61 Grove St. at 7<sup>th</sup> Ave. South) as well as several shops in <a target="_blank" href="//" target="_blank">Brooklyn listed on La Newyorkina's website</a>. <strong>What to order:</strong> Kids will love the play-it-safe Orange pop or a Pink Limeade pop. But if you're craving something a little more exotic go for the spiced-up Mango Chile or the Hibiscus Flower. <strong>Cost:</strong> $2 for a mini pop, which is just perfect for little kids, $3 for regular flavors and $4 for exotic flavors <strong>Good to Know:</strong> Have a stroller or little kid in tow? Take the elevator located at 16<sup>th</sup> St. to access the High Line near La Newyorkina. fuck

What locally made frozen summer treat do you and your kids crave? 

– Mikaela Walker & Julie Seguss