Preschool of Rock: Where Kids Learn How to Rock

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While our kids may not know about the Boss, the Beatles or the Grateful Dead, it’s obvious that whenever you throw on some tunes, whether in the car or at home, they can’t get enough. If your kiddos love to bop, dance, and sing, then you’ll want to check out Preschool of Rock, which is much more than your normal music school (or Jack Black’s fictional School of Rock).

Preschool of Rock, based in New Jersey and soon bringing their popular style of music instruction to New York, features a unique, music-based curriculum for kids and families. Preschool of Rock aims to teach music appreciation prior to regimented instrument lessons with lively (and live!) original music, puppets, drum circles, guitars and storytelling. Their high energy original songs and enthusiastic instruction will undoubtedly foster a lifelong love of music.

The music school is even releasing a brand new CD soon so your kids can boogie on down in the comfort of your own home. Just don’t be surprised when they start belting out their own tunes like rockstars!

photo courtesy of Preschool of Rock facebook page