Little Miss Manners

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44Got questions about etiquette for kids? You’d love for your kids to have good manners, but maybe you’ve forgotten the basics of finishing school yourself. Leave them in the hands of Simla Akyol who offers her etiquette class for 5 – 12 year olds in San Anselmo. Akyol spends most of her time dreaming up and bringing to life parties and events with It’s a Piece of Cake, her party planning biz. But she realized that some kids need a bit of help knowing how to behave at parties, and so, “Elbows off the Table” was born.

Her class consists of role-play and exercises to teach introductions, courtesy, the importance of body language, and how to handle awkward situations and accidents in a social setting. She also gives handouts to take home and practice what they’ve learned. Maybe you can take a peek and get a refresher yourself (she also offers workshops for nannies and caregivers on how to teach etiquette to tots, as well and mother-daughter tea seminars).

Akyol’s next session of four Tuesday afternoon classes starts Oct. 14. For more details, call 415.987.1946 or e-mail

Elbows off the Table