From Boxing to Skate Boarding: Extreme Sports for Seattle Kids

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Check the boxes that apply to your kid: Climbs and then jumps off anything in sight, including the UPS truck. (Check!) Goes from a double-header soccer match to baseball practice without blinking an eye. (Check!) Has been doing back flips into the community pool since she was still in swim diapers. (Check!) Beats you down the double-diamond runs at Snoqualmie and never looks back. (Check!) Has logged so many visits to the ER at Children’s Hospital for broken bones/sprains/injuries that they just gave you your own VIP parking pass. (Check!)

Time to face the music, Mom and Dad. You have a kid who needs some excitement in their life! When soccer and swim lessons just aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to take her activities to the next level and you’re going to be amazed at what Seattle has to offer for fearless kids. So, trade in the soccer mom gear for roller derby mom swag – things are about to get extreme… and fun!

Cappy’s Boxing Gym
Extreme Level: Time to put that mean right cross into action… and under the watchful eyes of the professionals at Cappy’s Boxing Gym on Capitol Hill. While boxing classes are far more than just packin’ the punches, kids who could use a few lessons in how to positively channel their need for the extreme will benefit from their time spent at Cappy’s. Before long, your kiddo will be chanting “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Ages: Youth lessons begin at age eight for both boys and girls

Location: Capitol Hill, 1408 22nd Avenue, Seattle, Wa 98122

Contact: Check out the section on Youth Lessons on the Cappy’s website or give them a ring (pun intended!) for more details at 206-322-6410.

CrossFit Kids
Extreme Level: It seems like everyone and their mother are doing CrossFit and terms like WOD (workout of the day, in case you didn’t know) are floating around as if doing 100 burpees in a row is no big thing. CrossFit West Seattle has a modified program, CrossFit Kids, which brings together strength training and conditioning, actually using the same workouts that are used for adults, but with weights and intensities that are appropriate for kids.

Ages: Sessions begin for kids as young as three years old

Location: CrossFit West Seattle, 4200 Southwest Admiral Way, Seattle, Wa 98116

Contact: Visit the CrossFit West Seattle website for details about their program for kids, or email Coach Eric at Be sure to check out their CrossFit Kids website for even more info about kids who are WOD obsessed.

Parkour Visions
Extreme Level: For parents who pretty much have “Stop jumping on the couch” tattooed on their foreheads, Parkour is going to save your life… we mean, furniture. Most kids are already experts at the sport of Parkour, which is the discipline of learning to overcome obstacles – think jumping from one block to another, or learning to launch themselves over a suspended rope. Sound extreme? A little. And kids love every minute of it. Check out the Pacific Northwest Parkour Association’s Parkour FAQ for Parents for detailed info on Parkour for kids and then schedule a class… the first one is free!

Ages: Classes begin as young as age three

Location: In Seattle on Queen Anne (1210 North Nickerson Street, Seattle, Wa 98119) and in Bellevue at CrossFit Bellevue (13425 Southeast Eastgate Way, Bellevue, Wa 98004)

Contact: Visit the Parkour Visions website for a full schedule and details on each location.

Seattle Derby Brats
Extreme Level: We’re pretty sure that if you have a girl who is pushing the limits of conventional sports, the Seattle Derby Brats is going to blow her mind. Roller skating + sweet outfits + an entire team of potential new BFFs? Yes, please. The girls are broken out into four different levels, starting with the Tootsy Rollers, which use positional blocking, and moving into full-contact blocking teams as they get older. Tryouts are required, and all girls must participate in the New Skater Sessions to tryout; however, beginning skaters are welcome.

Ages: Derby Brats can begin at age eight and groups are broken out by age group for different skill levels

Location: The teams and practices hop around to different rinks in the Greater Seattle area – from Everett to Southcenter

Contact: Visit the Seattle Derby Brats website for more information, including tryout details and cool videos of past teams. 

Skate Like a Girl
Extreme Factor: Parents of boys, don’t tune out yet. Despite being created as a program to empower girls to land a knarly ollie, Skate Like a Girl offers camps for both genders (although, you might want to omit the name of the camp when you tell your son about it!). Beyond skate camps, which are open to all levels and abilities, Skate Like a Girl also hosts family nights when your entire crew can bring their boards for some instruction and even Ladies Nights (get your mama friends together!).

Ages: Some camps begin at age five, with others specifically for the 8-12 year old age range.

Location: All over Seattle, including Green Lake Park and various skate parks around Seattle and the Eastside. Varied based on the camp/program.

Contact: Check out the Skate Like a Girl website for detailed information on current offerings or zip them an email at for specific questions.


Tell us about your extreme-sports addicted kid in the comments section! We’d love to hear what you’ve found in Seattle to curb their appetite for risk taking. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via the Facebook pages of Cappy’s Boxing Gym, CrossFit Kids, and Skate Like a Girl.