Family Circus

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102Admit it: running away to the circus actually sounds fun. If only all that travel from town to town didn’t sound so tiring. Today’s lucky kiddos can have their circus joy, and stay in town, too. Circus school is in session! Run by a pediatric nurse practitioner and a lifelong gymnast and juggler, The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts is on a mission to improve mental and physical health through the creativity of acrobatics and circus arts. Just like lots of clowns spilling out of one tiny car, the School’s summer schedule is packed with a variety of classes and camps. Students of all ages can learn acrobatics, aerial work, juggling, tightwire, trampoline, unicycle and more. Classes starting in the first week of July and running through the end of August include Baby & Me–an intro to circus arts for two and three year olds with a participating adult, Tot Circus–the three-and-four-year-old’s class for fundamentals, Circus 1–your five-or-six-year-old’s chance to learn serious skills, and Family Circus–the whole family’s (ages six and up) chance to go for it! Camps for ages six and up are now enrolling; camps run Monday through Friday in full or half day sessions for one week each. Welcome to the big top!

School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
674 S Orcas St., Seattle