The Ultimate At-Home Easter Guide Everybunny Will Love


While our usual plans of mall visits with the Easter Bunny and community egg hunts are likely still on hold for 2021, there are still tons of fun things to do with the kids this Easter. Scroll through to find tips for what to put in your Easter baskets, Easter jokes for kids, bunny-themed movies and easy Easter crafts. We’ve got your little bunnies covered!

Stage an At-Home Egg Hunt


Can't go to your favorite local park or playground? That's okay. You can recreate the magic at home. Check out our creative guide to hosting a hunt at home

Try Some Science with Eggs

Go Science Kids

You can learn all about osmosis, strength, physics and more, just by using an egg! We've got 8 amazing experiments you can do with kids right here

DIY Easter Brunch

We know you're not doing the whole country-club buffet thing, but you can still make a special breakfasty-brunchy experience in your own home. Mimosas not included. 

Fill the Baskets with Non-Candy Treats

Land of Dough

With gifts this great, your little bunnies will be happy to find an Easter basket that’s not brimming with sugar on the big morning. From sprouting pencils to adorable bunny nail stickers, this epic list of non-candy treats will give you all the inspiration you need to pack a great Easter basket. 

Color Those Eggs Without Dye

You don't need to have a special egg dyeing kit to get some super bright eggs this year. Cool Whip, Kool-Aid, markers and more—all are great options for at-home Easter egg decorating

Liven Things Up with Some Easter Jokes


What do you call a bunny with money? Teach the kids a few Easter-themed jokes to bring some smiles to their faces, pronto! (Answer: a millionhare!)

Creative Ways to Show the Easter Bunny Really DID Visit

It's Always Autumn

The Easter Bunny is getting ready to hop up to your house—but wait! It takes more than plastic grass and jelly beans to create Easter magic. To leave proof of the Easter Bunny’s visit and add eggs-tra fun to your Easter celebration, check out these creative, crafty ideas like a light-up egg hunt and a jelly bean trail.


Make Your Own Easter Party with These Fun Games


Just because your usual community celebration isn't happening this year, it doesn't mean that all fun is lost. Make your own Easter party at home with a Easter bunny hop race, egg BINGO and more!

Get Crafty with Paper

Alpha Mom

You won't even need a trip to the craft store to create these paper crafts for Easter. Just look around your house and dig out the supplies to make a tissue paper bunny, bunny hat and more!


No Basket? No Problem!


If you don't have an Easter basket at home for 2021, don't fear! There's lots of great non-basket ideas that the kids might actually like better like a flower pot or bike basket. We personally love the sand bucket idea! 

Quick & Easy Easter Treat Ideas

The BakerMama

If your usual Easter brunch plans for this year have gone to the wayside, no problem! This list of super cute (and easy!) recipes will have your little peeps loving Easter at home.


Easter Movies to Get You in the Spirit

Hop into spring with these Easter movies for kids. From the Easter Bunny to The Dog Who Saved Easter—and everything in between—put these stories on your movie night bucket list, stat.

Unique Ways to Use Extra Egg Cartons

Brainy Beginnings Network

With Easter just around the corner, chances are you’ll soon have some extra egg cartons on your hands. Put them to good use with these simple crafts for kids of all ages, that extend far beyond Easter. From dump trucks to colorful chicks, these egg carton crafts are definitely are a must this spring.


Upcycle Your Leftover Plastic Easter Eggs

A Kailo Chic Life

If you don't feel like storing your plastic eggs until next year, head on over to check out this list of 24 ways to upcycle your plastic Easter eggs. Egg popsicles is totally brilliant!

Fun Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Peeps

The First Year

We know that "leftover Peeps" is a bit of an oxymoron, but if you did happen to overbuy this year, this list will give you all the inspo you need to make them into all sorts of creations. 

Ways to Eat Eggs After the Big Hunt Is Over

We proudly wiggle our dye-stained fingertips in the days leading up to the big hunt, but eating those hard-boiled beauties loses its appeal faster than the Easter Bunny can hop. Take a peek through these recipes for creative ways to use up extra eggs—we’re betting the little ones will love the transformation!

—Kate Loweth



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