7 Ways To Spice Up Your Boy’s Bedroom

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Let’s face it, now that your little guy is out of his crib, cutesy wallpaper and simple plastic mobiles just don’t cut it anymore. That’s not such a bad thing either because Etsy has got countless items to take your little guy’s room and make it his own with coat racks, nightlights, starry blinds and much more.  We scoured Etsy aka our mecca for design inspiration to find seven ways to liven up your little boy’s room. Share the love and let us know in the comment section below how you spiced up your kiddos’ room once he went from crib to bed.

1. Lego Style Coat Rack

Legos were always a favorite of ours growing up, and even though they’ve gotten much more elaborate since our childhood, their legacy has stood the test of time. Needless to say, we just couldn’t pass up this coat rack by Happywood Goods that paid homage to one of the greatest toys…dare we say it…of all time.

2. Monster Truck Bed

Do you remember those awesome racecar beds everyone seemed to have? This is the same idea, but taken to a whole new level. This awesome monster truck bed by KidsCreationsBeds is a every little boys dream ride, literally. No need to worry about any mudflaps!

3. Dinosaur Lamp/Nightlight

What boy’s room would be complete without an awesome night light? This nightlight by Babymamma1 is designed with dinosaurs for your little reptile fanatic. No need to be afraid of the dark with these little big lizards keeping your little archaeologist company when the sun goes down.

4. Arcade Light Switch

If the mini-man of your house absolutely loves video games, then grab one of these light switches. They’re a fun way to turn something ordinary in daily life into something cool and fun. The light switches by AlephDesign will have you on a 3-4 week wait, but we promise they’re worth it!

5. Marvel Comics Big Kid Blanket

Boys and comics go together like peanut butter and jelly so we couldn’t help but love this Marvel Comics big kid blanket. This awesome and colorful comic book blanket is by Brookidlyn and will turn any boy wonder’s room into a world of superheroes.

6. Animal Beanbags

Naturally, this sweet beanbag horse is a perfect choice for any little cowboy in your family. An animal beanbag by Phoenix9599 is the choice piece of flare for your kiddo’s room. He can pretend he’s horseback riding until he tuckers out, then he can nap on it.

7. Starry Window Blinds

Make that afternoon nap a little more special with some starry window blinds by GRAstudio. Whether your little guy wants to be an astronaut, astronomer or just plain star gazer, these blinds are a sure fire way to put an extra character to the room, and turn naps into a fun an relaxing way to recharge his little batteries.

— Brian Helt