Choosing a baby name is one of the most fun, yet hardest, decisions you’ll make as a parent. Do you want something trendy, timeless or unique? Want to find a name inspired by your hometown, travels, favorite books or love of nature? Will you and your partner ever agree on a name? Read on for massive baby name inspiration, along with name origins and meanings, to help you narrow it down.

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Unisex, Boy & Girl Baby Names

50 Retro Baby Names for Boys & Girls
Vintage, old-fashioned baby names sound just right in today’s world. Is your child an Adelaide, Hazel, Max or Wyatt?

75 Celtic Baby Names
Choose these to celebrate Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, or to find a unique name for your child, like Cairbre, Iona, Morrow, Wynn.

75 Gender-Neutral Baby Names You’ll Love
Yes, unisex names are popular right now. But the gender-neutral names on this list aren’t so in that they’ll be out in a year.

50 Baby Names Based on Astrology & the Solar System
Constellations, astrological signs and celestial bodies make out-of-this-world names for babies.

50 Nature-Inspired Baby Names
Raise a nature lover by giving them the name of a season, landscape, flower or tree.

Classic Baby Names for Boys & Girls
Want a timeless name? Get baby name inspiration from the 10 most popular baby names for girls and boys in the past century, based on the Social Security Administration’s research.

50 Literary Baby Names for Boys & Girls
Read this for the best book names, from Agatha and Alonso to Wilder and Zora, along with each one’s literary origins.

50 Baby Names Inspired by Travel & Geography
You’ll want to see this list of international places (think Bria, Kingston, Everett) and baby names with roots in the US, such as Aspen, Hudson, Nola and Zion.

50 Unique Baby Names Your Child Won’t Hate When They’re Older
If you want a beautiful name you don’t hear every day, this is the list for you.

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Baby Names Inspired by Our Favorite U.S. Cities

30 Perfectly Peachy Names for Your Atlanta Baby
Yep, Peachy made the list, along with Lanier and Savannah. Check out the list for more baby name inspiration.

39 Unique Names to Show Your Boston Pride
Brookline, Abigail and Logan join other names honoring Boston’s history, popular places and famous people.

Chicago-Inspired Baby Names that Put the Wind in Our Sails
Shout out the Windy City with names that reference the city’s famous figures (Burnham), athletes (Briggs, Jordan) and streets (Addison, Clark).

15 Dallas-Inspired Baby Names We Love
From Austin and Dallas to J.R. and Trinity, these are the names that celebrate the Big D.

Show Your Denver Love with These 18 Colorado-Inspired Baby Names
Are your Colorado favorites on this list? Read on for Aspen, Lark, Rocky, Spruce and more.

21 Unique Baby Names Just for LA Parents
Give your LA baby one of these Cali-inspired baby names, like Arcadia, Griffith, Ivy or Laurel.

New York City-Inspired Baby Names We Love
Let’s hear it for New York with city-specific names like these: Apollo, Astor, Carnegie, Eloise and Hamilton.

Keep Portland (Baby Names) Weird with These Local-Inspired Names
Arleta, Benson, Cesar, Pearl and Powell are just some of the beautiful names inspired by Portland, Oregon.

24 Baby Names San Diego Parents Will Totally Get
Cove, Myrtle, Rex, Torrey. If you’re not sure what those names refer to, you need to check out this list of San Diego-inspired baby names.

San Francisco-Inspired Baby Names We Totally Heart
From Andreas (as in the fault) to Willie (take your pick: Brown, Leidesdorff, Mays), these are the names that make us think of SF.

26 Baby Names Seattle Parents Will Totally Get
Name your child after these Washington landmarks and neighborhoods: Baker, Beacon, Magnolia and Pike.

Make History with These DC-Inspired Baby Names
From neighborhoods like Tenley and Alexandria to former presidents Lincoln and George, these names represent our favorite district.

The Secret to Finding the Perfect Baby Name
The Top Foodie Baby Names for Your Future Chef
2022’s Top Baby Names Are Aspirational & Unique

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