Lil’ Help Here: 4 New Products to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

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When it comes to making resolutions, there are some that seem to be on repeat year after year. This year, we’ve found a few products to give you that extra boost to make sure you can keep those resolutions, with style. Scroll down for our 4 picks.

still_baby_ocean_bear-open-cropped_highres_ps_smallerphoto: Savor

Resolution: Organize all those papers and treasures from your kids 

Solution: The Keepsake Box

You love all the notes and stick-figure drawings, but it doesn’t take long for paper to take over  your house. Cull the chaos with The Library: Baby Keepsake Box and The Library: School Years Keepsake Box. Each box includes a handcrafted, book cloth case; pre-categorized labels; 9 drawers for tiny things and 8 vertical files (baby version) or 16 vertical files (school years); a birthday survey for yearly highlights and more. It’s like scrapbooking without…the scrapbooking. Everything is contained, sleek and easy to browse through so you can walk down memory lane anytime. As an added bonus, they look cute on the shelf.

Cost: $69.95-$79.95

pause-phonesphoto: Pauseit

Resolution: Spend more uninterrupted time together as a family 

Solution: The Pause Box

We’re all more connected than ever and sometimes, that’s not always a good thing. Kids need uninterrupted, device-free time and so do grown-ups. If you’ve got a teen in your house that won’t stop texting—or maybe it’s you that is guilty of reaching for your phone at every ding—put the outside world on Pause. This sleek device blocks the Wi-Fi signal of any incoming calls, texts, message, or emails. Make it a point of checking your phones in at dinner time, for starters, and enjoy distraction-free family time. We know you need to stay on top of things and we’re not suggesting you keep your phone in there all day long but this stylish box will actually give you back time, we promise.

Cost: $40

Baby Clothes Blanket from Project Repatphoto: Project Repat

Resolution: Finally let go of that box of baby clothes they’ve outgrown 

Solution: Repat quilt!

Can’t bear to give away your kids’ old clothes? Upcycle them! With Project Repat, you can turn your mountains of left-behind baby and kid clothes into cozy blankets that your grown-up baby can treasure forever. Project Repat specializes in T-Shirt quilts, but can also repurpose children’s onesies, tiny sweatshirts, and baby shirts, into cozy fleece-lined blankets.

Cost: $74.99 and up

simple-habit-screenshotphoto: Simple Habit 

Resolution: Be more mindful.

Solution: Simple Habit

We get it: between kids, after school care and classes, work, dinner prep and pets there’s barely a moment to breathe in your average day. Even though you’d love to start a regular yoga regime or a mindfulness habit, stuff gets in the way. Enter, Simple Habit, an app that offers you 5-minute meditations for your busy life. You can reduce your stress with taking just 5 minutes per day, and the mediations are customizable. Whether you’ve got a mega deadline at work that’s stressing you out, you need to improve your sleep when you can actually get it, or you’re just feeling run down there’s a mediation just for you.

Cost: Free, 7-day trial. Paid subscriptions vary after first week from $11.99 and up

Will you try any of these products? Tell us your ideas in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier


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