Just Opened: Seattle’s Newest Place to Consign

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“I wish I may, I wish I might, give me my wish I wish tonight…” A mom closes her eyes tight, clenches her fists and makes a wish for the consignment store of her dreams. One that is easy to park at, where she can actually bring her little ones with her when she consigns and that she wants to shop at, not just drop her items and go. Oh, and while she’s wishing, maybe tack on not having to wait 9-months for an appointment and not having to jump through a series of flame-laden hoops to consign?

Open your eyes, moms. The newest place to consign is here and if you live in Seattle, this place is a wish come true, literally.


Wish Upon Children’s Consignment, tucked away in Seattle’s pretty Magnolia neighborhood, opened in late spring 2013. Moms in the neighborhood have already made Wish Upon their favorite place to grab some new-to-them items for their kids and with its convenient location in the Magnolia Village and kid-friendly vibe, it’s easy to see that it’s worth the trip to the area to check them out.

You Shop, They Play
The moment you walk in the door at Wish Upon Children’s Consignment, you’re going to relax. Because the first thing you and your kids are going to spot when you get inside? The play room! But wait for it… the gated play room! Tell your kiddos to kick off their shoes and have some fun while you drop off your consignment items or do some browsing, or both. The play room is open to the store, so you’ll be in earshot the entire time. Pure parenting bliss.

Wish Upon has found the perfect balance of having just enough stock out on the sales floor to offer everything you’re looking for, without you feeling like your fingers are sore when you leave from digging through the racks. Ranging in sizes from newborn through size 10, including gear for babies and toddlers, a nice variety of strollers, shoes galore and an awesome selection of seasonal items (bathing suits, for the win!), we’re impressed with both the selection of brands and the quality of the clothes.

And, the prices are right at Wish Upon, which we all know is the make-it-or-break-it factor in the land of consignment. Wish Upon has a team of dedicated pricers who do extensive research on getting items priced just so. Consigners say that they feel as if it’s worth bringing their items to Wish Upon because they make a good chunk of change (or credit!) back and shoppers say that items seem to be priced fairly, especially for the quality of items that Wish Upon has in-stock.

Store owners, Erin and Jamie, also share that they’ll be introducing lines of new products as time goes by, starting with KAZAM Balance Bikes, which are arriving in early June. Other upcoming brands will likely be announced via their Facebook page, so keep a close eye out!


Your Closets Will Thank You
And, so will your bookshelves, your basement playroom, and your garage. Wish Upon takes a little of this and a little of that at their store for consignment — from seasonal items (they’re flexible about taking things like coats and bathing suits in the off-seasons) to toys to gear to baby accessories, you can unload it all at one place. And, usually there’s a parking spot right outside of their doors for you to schlep it all inside!

Wish Upon does request that you bring in a maximum of 35 items at a time, and, just like other consignment stores, everything needs to be stain-free and in good condition. They also love it when you make sure zippers are zipped, buttons are buttoned and toys with little pieces are bagged together, but that’s all Consignment 101, right? Be sure to call ahead for a consignment appointment (number listed below!) — they are currently booking out a couple of weeks at a time, far less than many other children’s consignment stores in the area.


Make a Day of It
We know, we know. Magnolia. It’s so far away from, well, everywhere! Like Magnolia residents say, people only come to the neighborhood if they have a reason to… and they kind of love it that way. So, instead of thinking of coming to Magnolia just for your consignment appointment or to check out what they have in stock for your little ones, make a day of it! Have breakfast or lunch at kid-friendly, mom-approved (AKA, their coffee is awesome!) Serendipity Cafe, which is down the block from Wish Upon.

After your appointment or when you’re done shopping, cross the street and hit up the playground that’s between the community center and the tennis courts — riding down the grassy hills on the back of the dump trucks that are scattered around the park is a kiddo fave. Other highlights in Magnolia include Discovery Park, the largest park in the Seattle city limits (bring your camera! the views are insane!), the super fun Ella Bailey Park (don’t forget scooters and bikes for the circular paved path) and, during the summer, the outdoor Mounger Pool.


Wish Upon Children’s Consignment
2425 33rd Avenue West
Seattle, Wa 98199

Online: Visit the Wish Upon Facebook page for the most up-to-date info about consigning and new items in the store.

Have you visited Wish Upon yet? Find any goodies? Tell us about your finds in the comments sections below. 

— Katie Kavulla, story and pictures