Extreme Makeover

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Red Tricycle’s Extreme Makeover

We’ve been jonesing for a makeover for months (or has it been years?). Every time we looked in the mirror, we knew we had more to offer the world. Finally, with the help of a team of professionals, we’re ready to unveil our new look. More than just a pretty face, we also offer –

  1. An easier-to-navigate site
  2. Fresh local content daily, covering the subjects you care about most- Food, Play, Travel, Green Living, Birthdays
  3. A spotlight on other local businesses and bloggers who cover topics ranging from the environment, education, health and more
  4. An opportunity for you to participate in the RT community with comments and reader submissions (and easy Facebook login)
  5. A place to save all your stuff

Our mission is – and always has been – to make your job as a parent easier and more fun. Take a look around and let us know what you think (it’s our first day and we’re still working out a few kinks). Also, feel free to blog about us,  send a tweet or forward to a friend (particularly those in Portland, LA or San Diego),

kidstrikeAnd speaking of makeovers, in celebration of our new look, Todd Davis (HGTV, Epic Spaces) pimped our ride  -sweet! Click here for all the deets that went into building this most awesome vehicle. This tricked out trike is sure to make you (or more importantly, your kids) the envy of the playground. For a chance to win it, click here.