Funniest Tweets about #DadLife

Funniest Dad Tweets
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#dadlife TweetsDads are usually known to enjoy a good laugh or two, especially when it’s their own kids making them chuckle. From bedtime and bath time woes to navigating sports with kids, dads have something to funny to say. We’ve gathered up some of the funniest #dadlife tweets on the joys of fatherhood in honor of Father’s Day, and we’re pretty sure you’re all going to relate.

1. It’s called grass picker, and every family has one. 

2. And that’s kinda the same thing.

3. We could have warned you, but we didn’t.

4. Master storytellers, those ones.

5. Yes, that’s totally the reason. ::winks::

6. No, seriously.

7. Great. Just great.

8. Smells like roses!

9. Future costume designers, much?

10. Without fail.

11. OMG, right?

12. Moo haha!

13. Not convinced.

14. Adding it to the list of “things I’d never thought I’d say”…

15. You know when you blow Lin-Manuel’s mind, it’s LEGIT.

Photo by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography; composite by Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

––Karly Wood



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