Weʼve Got Someone For That: 4 Companies to Simplify Your Life

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While we’d like to believe we can do it all ourselves, the demands of raising a family leave us daydreaming of fairy godmothers, shoemaking elves, and wish-granting genies. There are busy seasons (or years) that simply leave us overwhelmed and in need of extra hands.
Even the superest of super moms isn’t too proud to take help when it’s offered. Weʼve rounded up four local companies that will make you once again believe in fairy tales and happy endings. Enlist the services of one (or all four) and rediscover the enchantment of a simpler, more manageable life.

Chrisʼ Convenient Dry Cleaning Services LLC
Convenient is the key word here. At no charge to you, Chris picks up and delivers clothing, fabric and/or leathered goods (think wedding dresses, comforters, sleeping bags, sofa cushions, shoes, bags and so much more) in need of cleaning and/or repairs from your home or business. Have a pair of pants dying to be worn but they just need a button or zipper replaced? Chris is there for you! How about a dress or slacks that needs to be taken in? Yep, you guessed it…Chris comes to you 7 days a week for alterations too! Set yourself on a schedule that fits your familyʼs needs and never think about a trip to the cleaners again.

How it works:

Contact Chrisʼ Convenient Dry Cleaning Services to have a dry cleaning bag dropped off at your home or business. Together you will decide on the best location for pick up and delivery. She drops off the bag. You fill it and mark the enclosed order form. She picks it up on the designated day. Clothes are cleaned and/or repaired and then returned to you with a new bag left for your next order. Payment is made at the end of the month. Itʼs that simple.


Why We Love Chrisʼ:
Not only do we love Chris because she makes our lives so much simpler, but because she goes above and beyond for every single customer. There is no job too small or large. Sheʼs creative, passionate about her work and communicates clearly with her clients about what can and cannot be done. If she canʼt help you sheʼll refer you to someone who can. In addition to her outstanding customer service, her prices are competitive with drop-off dry cleaners. Didnʼt believe in Fairy Godmothers? Well now you can!

Chrisʼ Convenient Dry Cleaning Services LLC
4016 NE Meadow Ln
Hillsboro, Or 97124
Email: chris@convenientdrycleaning.com
Online: convenientdrycleaning.com

The Grocery Bag
Grocery shopping with little ones in tow is a little like manicuring your nails while swimming in shark-infested waters and running a marathon. In other words, itʼs painful and nearly impossible! Enter, Martin Schneiderman (aka our Knight in Shining Armor). He lets us kiss nightmare grocery trips goodbye while still keeping our fridges and cupboards bountiful.

How It Works:

  1. Log in to Grocerybags.com
Write and submit your grocery list online or by email
Martin and his staff go to the grocers and purchase everything on your list
  4. Martin delivers groceries directly to your kitchen Monday thru Saturday

*Payment is cash or check only

Why We Love The Grocery Bag:
Martin quickly becomes a necessary extension of the family. With his grocery connections and desire to please each customer, his goal is to make sure you feel as though you walked each and every aisle of that grocery store yourself. Picking the freshest produce and fulfilling grocery lists for even the hungriest of families, Martin does his best to make sure all your highest grocery needs are met. Deliveries starting at just $19.50 (usually not exceeding $25) you will feel that you may never need set foot in a grocery store again. Imagine that!

Inside Tip: Donʼt have a Costco card but need some Costco-sized goods? Martin makes weekly trips to Costco too! No need for a card.

The Grocery Bag

Business: 503-245-4595
Cell: 503-250-2732
Email: marty@grocerybags.com
Online: grocerybags.com 

Dream Dinners
Okay so maybe menu planning, grocery delivery, and cooking are still too much for your hectic schedule. No worries, we have a fairy tale answer for those with next to zero time too! The people at Dream Dinners understand that families are often very busy with work, soccer games, after school clubs, and a myriad of other life demands. They offer an effortless answer to dinner dilemmas helping families avoid the often necessary grab and go meal or, even worse, the guilt-ridden drive thru of the nearest fast food joint. If you can find an hour a month (or even less), freezer space, and can follow easy cooking instructions then Dream Dinners is your supper time solution.


How It Works:

  1. Find your nearest Dream Dinners location.  With locations in Vancouver, Beaverton, Clackamas, and Tualatin, one is certain to be convenient.
  2. Click on the ‘start ordering’ tab of your selected store  and choose a date and time for your dinner assembly session
  3. Choose as many, or as few, of the tasty meals you’d like to assemble and checkout.
  4. Show up to the store at your scheduled time and the staff will direct you on how simple it is to assemble your meal.
  5. After assembling, leave your mess, take your freshly prepared meals, freeze, and cook when needed.

Why We Love Dream Dinners:
Dream Dinners really does put the easy peasy back in to meal planning and preparation.  With Dream Dinners you can let go of menu planning, a last minute grocery trip for that forgotten ingredient, failed attempts at new recipes, messy dinner prep cleaning, and the guilt that comes with giving up on dinner altogether. And since Dream Dinners offers a new menu every month, you will never hear these words again, “Mom, ugh, we’re having tacos again!” Instead, offer them a gourmet variety. We’re talking Layered Ravioli Bakes, Tuscan Steaks, and Parmesan Pesto Salmon. Mouth watering yet? We also love that it’s just loads of fun being in these sessions. Music is playing, there’s food to taste, every station is clean and pleasing to all the senses, and we find that cooking is no longer a time-consuming burden.


Things To Note:
Each store is individually owned and has its own policies regarding children attending. Call your nearest store to determine if your child can attend with you. Also check their schedule or Facebook pages for fun family cooking events or couple’s nights.

Can’t make it in to assemble your meals? No problem. Order meals and have them assembled for you. Then your only job is to pick them up. Most stores charge $25 for this service.

Dream Dinners
Various Locations
Online: dreamdinners.com

If you have special dietary requirements Dream Dinners may not be your best option but it never hurts to call and ask if they can work with you.

Wash ‘n Roll Mobile Pet Grooming
Our four-legged best buddies often find themselves a little less top-of-the-family totem once our two-legged lovies enter the world. We know that simply giving the dog (or cat) a good grooming is no picnic. By the time we’ve loaded kids and pets in the car, gotten the car muddy with dirty paws and full of anxiety shed fur (now the car needs cleaning), and unloaded at the groomers we are exhausted! The whole process is repeated in a few hours when Fido is clean and ready to return home. Now we are exhausted and stressed (our dog and kids included).

Sometimes we decide it’s just easier to buckle down and bathe our dirty dog in what was once a tranquil bathtub intended for bubbles, good books, and glasses of wine. This method also robs our time because now we are doing the bathing, having to clean the tub post puppy scrub down, wash the dirty towels, and our house smells faintly of wet dog. Put down the puppy shampoo and call Wash ‘n Roll, a mobile pet grooming business designed to grant your simplified pet grooming wish. Never again will you need to struggle to find the time or energy to elevate your furry friend back to superstar status.

How It Works:
Wash n’ Roll has a fleet of three state-of-the-art mobile grooming vehicles. These bad boys are equipped with everything needed to groom your pets…hygienic tubs, tables, tools, and dryers. You can check out the inside of one of their vehicles by clicking here. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and the groomers will arrive in mobile style, walk your dog(s) or cat(s) out to the vehicle, groom them to your specifications, and in roughly an hour (for one dog) they will walk your pet right back to your front door. All the grooming is done right in front of your house (or in your driveway) where your pet is most familiar and comfortable. Go about your business and leave all the dirty work to the experienced staff.

pet grooming

Why We Love Wash n’ Roll:
Not only does Wash n’ Roll free up our time, but they also give us peace of mind. Knowing that the pet we love so much will be less stressed, free from hours in a kennel of barking dogs, and given quality attention is an awesome gift! The staff at Wash n’ Roll makes everything super simple for us too. They offer convenient appointment times seven days a week and the ability to set your pet up on a regular grooming schedule. Accommodations can be made to groom at your business or home and if you can’t be available during your pet’s scheduled appointment, arrangements can be made to access your pet from your home or yard. A clean pet, a happy pet, and more time for you. Wish granted.

Cost: Cost varies per pet.  Call for an estimate.
There is a $25 mobile fee for all services.

Inside Tip: Get your neighbors together and have a block grooming party.  Wash n’ Roll will allow you to split the $25 fee if they do multiple dogs from one neighborhood!

Wash n’ Roll Mobile Pet Grooming
Email: washnroll@comcast.net
Online: washnroll.net

We know there are a bunch of great businesses out there that can help lessen our loads. Which ones have simplified your life?

— Amy Smith

Photos courtesy of Amy, Chris’ Convenient Dry CleaningDream DinnersRBerteig via flickr, Elizabeth/Table4Five via flickr, jinglejammer via flickr, stevendepolo via flickr