5 Great Spots for Grilled Cheese

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Whether you’re five years old or fifty-five years old, there’s something about a grilled cheese sandwich that makes the day better, right? And, pair that grilled cheese with a hearty bowl of tomato soup and we couldn’t be happier. Here’s a list of the top five places in the Bay Area for grilled cheese compiled by 7×7. Let the mouth watering commence.

1) Outerlands—Thick, chewy slices of warm house-baked Tartine-style bread; cheese that overflows from the middle, forming a heavily cheese-crusted edge, a foggy chill in the air, and bowls of warm, thoughtfully seasoned soup make Outerlands’ grilled cheese a near-religious undertaking.

2) Eat Curbside—Brie and vinegary caramelized onions make this one of San Francisco’s most intoxicating takes on the classic. Frenchifying it further, the bread used is a buttery pan de mie that crisps up in perfect contrast to its oozing middle. It’s all rather refined and balanced for a grilled cheese from a food truck.

To read 7×7′s full list of their top five destinations for grilled cheese, click here for the entire story. 

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