Handcrafted Kids Hair Accessories

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One Mom’s Blossoming Business

b_3You pull out the brush, she runs in tears from the bathroom…If detangling sessions have become a sore spot in your house, why not coax little girls into a styling session with the promise of a beautifully handcrafted hair accessory?

Whenever Molly Guridi put a flower in her daughter Maylor’s hair or in her own flowing tresses, her 4-year-old son Holden would call them “fancy girls.” Molly realized he was onto something—doesn’t every girl feel pretty with flowers in her hair? She decided to create Hairloom Blooms, her own line of handcrafted headbands, pins, and clips.

Originally designed for little girls, Hairloom Blooms got so much positive feedback from women that Molly decided to create sophisticated pieces for “big” girls, too, including the fancy and sparkly or the subtle and lovely touches that brides and bridal parties love.

Hairloom Bloom pieces often incorporate recycled or re-used elements like pieces from floral arrangements or previously made décor finds that Molly reinvents in a hair accessory. Every Hairloom Bloom product features a flower or leaves, and many are vintage-inspired for timeless beauty. Headbands start at $14 , and Molly’s flowerly wares are always available at Napa’s Scientopia, which is having an open house on October 15. Find contact info at hairloomblooms.com, and starting November 1st, buy Hairloom Blooms products at kutiekadoo.com.

—Renee M. Rutledge