Local Author Pens Year of the Tiger Picture Book

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Celebrating Bravery and Friendship

This week, we officially welcome the Year of the Tiger … but what does that mean? Your curious lil’ buds may be ready to learn about Chinese astrology. Books are always a good turn-to resource, and San Francisco-based author Oliver Chin has written one  to engage the kiddies in the new year celebration.

Called “Year of the Tiger,” Chin’s picture book is one of many in his Chinese Zodiac series. Written for kids aged 4 to 8, it introduces a baby animal, Teddy, who befriends a girl named Su and along the way, learns the meaning of bravery and strength that a tiger sign embodies. It’s a lovely lesson with some cultural knowledge built in.

Chin’s book is available through the Bay Area’s Immedium publishing. And for more tiger-ness, don’t miss the 2010 Chinese New Parade in San Francisco on Saturday, February 27. It is said that the tiger sign is passionate and unpredictable and that the year ahead will be fraught with change. For parents, change is nothing new; in fact, it’s a good thing. Changing means growing and evolving, something our kids do every single day!

—Renee Rutledge