Waffles Get a Makeover in Downtown Seattle

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These are not your average waffles… and we like it! Tucked on a quiet, empty block of downtown Seattle, just a bouncy ball’s throw from Benaroya Hall, Sweet Iron Waffles could easily be overlooked if you’re strolling along Third Avenue with your family. But, we urge you to stop, or even make a special trip downtown to check out their delicious waffles that will make you forget that syrup even existed.

About Sweet Iron Waffles
We’ll do our best to describe how the waffles at Sweet Iron Waffles taste, but it can probably be best summed up in the words of a four-year old, “These are the best waffles I’ve ever taken a bite of!” As you’ll see when you go to Sweet Iron, each waffle is made to order in classic Belgian waffle makers – the dough is ready-to-go in a large refrigerator and they pop one on the waffle maker as you place your order. They use Brioche dough, which means that the waffles are light and fluffy, but also perfectly dense and quite filling for being no bigger than your hand. Each waffle, even the savory choices, has pearl sugar in the dough, making them slightly sweet, but not as sweet as a dessert. Well, that is until you top them with chocolate…

What to Order
It’s going to be hard to decide. There’s no two ways about it. And if this is your first visit to Sweet Iron Waffles, you may need to go crazy and order a few waffles to make sure you get tastes of them all. First, choose from the sweet or the savory side of the menu – your kids will love the chocolate-dipped waffles or a waffle piled high with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. On the savory side, check out favorites such as a waffle topped with brie, basil and bacon (pictured below). Need even more of a reason to try Sweet Iron Waffles? They use popular Stumptown Coffee, straight from Portland, to get you your caffeine fix.

When to Go
Although you can certainly go to Sweet Iron Waffles for breakfast, these aren’t strictly breakfast waffles; nearly every item on the menu can be enjoyed at any time of day. First thing in the morning, it can be quite busy at Sweet Iron – they get quite a rush of customers from nearby office buildings stopping in for a waffle and a cup of coffee. But, they move in and out quite quickly, so be patient if you need to wait for a table – it won’t take long.

Getting There
You can find Sweet Iron Waffles in the heart of downtown Seattle, on Third Avenue, right between University and Seneca streets. As you’re coming down Third Avenue, it is on the block past Benaroya Hall, on the opposite side of the street. There is a parking garage right around the corner on Seneca, between Third and Fourth avenues, if you’re coming down just to go to Sweet Iron Waffles, or do a couple of circles around the block – it’s likely you’ll find a metered spot on the street nearby. If you’re already downtown having some fun, jump on the bus – you can ride for free within downtown Seattle!

Each Sweet Iron Waffle ranges from $4 for a basic waffle dipped in chocolate (we suspect that will be a popular choice for your kids!) up to $6.50 for a signature savory waffle. They often also have seasonal specials that are on the higher end of that range and you can typically add bacon or fruit on a waffle for a reasonable additional charge. Coffee prices are pretty standard and they also have a selection of drinks for kids… to wash down all that chocolate waffle goodness, of course!

Good to Know
One waffle can easily be shared by two kiddos, so start there and order more if necessary. Seating is tight at Sweet Iron – there are plenty of tables, but there isn’t much room in between. If it’s warm out, look for an empty table outside, where you’ll have plenty of room.

Sweet Iron Waffles
1200 Third Avenue
Seattle, Wa 98101

Online: sweetironwaffles.com

Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

What’s your favorite thing to order at Sweet Iron Waffles? 

— Katie Kavulla