When the Yip Hits the Fan

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One of those deep, dark secrets about pregnancy and motherhood that no one prepares you for is how much barf you’ll encounter. From morning sickness to the baby’s projectile prowess to the toddler’s car seat up-chucks, it’s a constant in your life for quite a while. And that’s not even counting when the flu-bug bites. So it was only a matter of time that a savvy entrepreneur would come up with a convenient, designer bag to have on hand for puke-filled occasions.

Enter, the Minisce sisters from Portland, creators of Chuck the Yuck bags. Heather, Holly and Courtney Minisce grew up in a family where their mother would bring out the “Big Green Bowl,” used as a catchall for all of her kids’ barf. Now mothers themselves, the sisters wanted to give the family tradition a modern twist. The result: streamlined, disposable bags (larger than your typical air-sickness bags) which are water tight with a secure fold-over seal. They come in a pretty, colorful graphic print and sell in packs of 3 for $4.99. While it may seem absurd to pay for a bag to throw up in, there’s something to be said about being so fashionably prepared when the yip hits the fan.

Chuck the Yuck Bags