What’s On Your Christmas Wish List This Year?

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We’ve been wondering what people are dreaming about this holiday season. Is there a special product, service or experience for you or your family on your Christmas Wish List this year?

Here are some of our favorites:

Jacqui: After a weekend hike around Lake Lagunitas with our four-year-old, I decided it might be time for the Piggy Backer Rider. I saw it at the ABC Kids Shoe earlier this year and it seems like a great solution for outdoor enthusiasts once their toddler has outgrown a baby carrier. Kids up to age seven can stand on the metal platform (the whole contraption weighs only 3 pounds and folds up to the size of a rolled towel) and the height can be adjusted so kids can stand taller (Giants parade, anyone?).

Katherine: I am in love with these collages from SF artist Denise Fieldler, which are made with vintage printed pages and have a cool retro vibe.  Since my daughter is nuts for animals  I’m thinking of  decorating her room with a series of animal collages. Another great option is to commission a portrait – either or my daughter, the dog, or both!

Yvonne: Since my daughter turned six, we’ve been talking quite a bit about money, allowances, and saving for special toys. I’ve looked at a bunch of different banks and really like this Moonjar Bank, as it allocates money to Save, Spend and Share, which will help us with our next round of discussions, which will involve charitable giving.

Laura: I can’t believe I’ve lived in Seattle for 8 years and don’t own a pair of Hunter Boots! After admiring them on other preschool moms on many cold, grey mornings this fall, I am wishing (okay, actually demanding)  a hot pink pair with fleece inserts for Christmas this year. The kids boots are also pretty awesome and I may splurge for my kids. I’ve heard the liner works if the boots are a little big so I’m hoping to get 2 seasons out of them.

Christina: I love the concept of personalized books, but the few I’ve tried out have always been lacking something – good story, decent artwork, or the prices have been exorbitant (particularly when you have twins, so you have to buy two).  The Flatten Me books seem to deliver in every arena and have a really nice array of stories – pirates, bugs, superheroes – all with good storylines. I particularly like that you make “dad” or “mom” the superhero, and I may revisit that concept on Father’s Day.

Drea: My kids got this as a Christmas gift last year from their grandparents and long after the gift wrap disappeared and the other toys were discarded, they eagerly awaited their monthly package in the mail from Little Passports. Being avid travelers ourselves before kids, it was important for us to instill in our kids a curiosity about other cultures and that is exactly was Little Passports does. I’m buying this for all the cousins this year.

What’s on your wish list this year? Share your hopes for a special product, service or experience for you or your family and who knows, a little red elf just might make your dreams come true!